Divine ingredients have not changed in the last 200 years.

The bouquet comes from the grapes that are given by the nature.

The essence comes from the oak, which is growing in the Secular Forests of Moldova.

The complexity comes from the patience, which is one of the human virtues, that takes time.

Bardar is a way of life:
Nothing more, only what you need to have a qualitative and true DIVINE.


In 1929 a German entrepreneur named Muller, laid the foundations of what is today Bardar Winery – a small distillery in the village BARDAR.

Already in 40’s this distillery was transformed into a veritable factory for the production of distillates and wines. Currently Bardar Winery is in TOP 3 cognac producers in Republic of Moldova.

The company produces cognac – wine distillates, aged 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.

Unlike wine, which can be considered a living organism until it is consumed, the distillates live only in a barrel. As the quality of wood and indoor humidity are fundamental for the final product.

Unlike the wine, which can be considered a living organism until the moment it is already consumed, the distillate lives only in a barrel. Therefore, the quality of wood and the indoor humidity are essential for the final product.

The same importance has the ability of the specialists to select distillates and merge them in the necessary proportion to provide a perfect harmony. This process is known as blending. Vinaria-Bardar’s specialists deal directly with these products and have an experience of over 25 years.
• The optimum temperature is between 15-22 °C.
• The optimum storage humidity is 70% -75%.

At the moment Vinaria Bardar is produces more divine types differentiated by:
• Age / ancient divine
• Packaging type
• Series

The “Angel Process”

In the process of maturation through the oak are lost about 3% of distillates anually – this loss is considered the “Angel” part. For instance, a barrel filled with distillates this year would remain half-full in 20 years.

Bardar is a commune middle-region in the Ialoveni district, Republic of Moldova. The village Bardar is situated at 15 km from Chisinau and 10 km from Hincesti. Two of the three legends of this village are related to the ax and forest, the ax being strictly a man instrument. The company Bardar produces distillates, aged for different number of years.

The location of Bardar was not randomly selected; it is situated in Codri area, the heart of white grapes vineries.

This region includes the center of the country and 52 500 hectares of vineyards. The relief is fragmented by many small rivers and valleys. The oak and lime forests occupy 25% of the whole surface, influencing the microclimate of the region. This area is favorable for cultivating the white grapes (Feteasca, Musc at, Traminer, Chardonnay etc) and the red grapes as well.

Just 15 km from the capital, in the heart of Moldova, in a gorgeous white grape vineyard that is located in area of ”Codri”, was born ”Bardar Winery. This is a winery tradition that endures 8 decades. From a small distillery with a great potential, it become an enterprise in which the sun’s heat, the wealth and accuracy of grapevine, the secular oak and the craftsmanship of the employees have created an absolute harmony in order to produce qualitative cognacs.

For them to be extraordinary and in order to combine velvety taste with sophisticated flower of vanilla, chocolate, almonds or fruit, the cognacs are kept and aged over the years in oak barrels. Bardar brandy is an imperial and unique bouquet of the finest grapes because of the technological process. The sumptuous landscape of the region and the favorable climatic conditions influence the finite product.

”Only grapes, oak and patience”. These are the necessary ingredients to produce Bardar brandy, an EXCLUSIVE and AUTHENTIC wine distillate.



Has a fine and pleasant aroma, with notes of chocolate and vanilla, with floral notes and lighter shades of aging. Bardar 3, 5 and 7 year old cognac from Silver Collection is an authentic brandy.



Starting from the idea of creating a more intense version of the famous Bardar cognac, we selected the best oak barrels in which distillates have undergone a long process of aging. In this way, have appeared Gold Bardar cognacs, older than 12, 10 or 7 years.



A rich and expressive bouquet, with notes of chocolate and resin. Excels in sophisticated flavor, almost epochal, born of traditions. Bardar cognac Platinum 15 years and 20 years old is a precious gift, appreciated by true connoisseurs.




During the holiday season, the brand has formed a true alchemy of tastes. In order to seduce consumers who are looking for perfection and harmony, Bardar noble liquor was combined in a promotional set with Heidi chocolate. We offered a chocolate but the consumer had not to pay for it because it was sold at … Continue reading PROMOTION SILVER + HEIDI


Bardar Gold – a new package, a new label, a new type of glass. These are just some of the characteristics that define Gold series cognac. The mature line of cognac Bardar pour into tall and narrow bottles, the metal plate remains the same and represents a basic element that highlights our brand. Full of … Continue reading LAUNCH – BARDAR GOLD


2015 was the year of rebirth brand Bardar. Bardar cognacs formed a new identity and revived the traditions of preparing a perfect cognac, which has an inestimable value. With the launch of the brand Bardar, in the market appears Silver Series, first that started a new experience. The cognacs are graded by aging 3,5 or … Continue reading RE-BRANDING BARDAR


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Purcari Wineries Group is a leading player in the wine and brandy segments in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, managing around 1,000 hectares of vineyards and 4 wineries located in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: Purcari, Crama Ceptura, Bostavan and Bardar.


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